PdaNet for BlackBerry

PdaNet for BlackBerry 2.30

PdaNet enables you to share your Blackberry data plan with your computer

If you travel often, you will probably want to browse the Internet on a device that has a larger screen than a Blackberry, for instance, on a computer. Yet, one has rarely access to a wireless network while being on a journey.

PdaNet for Blackberry aims to address this lack of connectivity, by enabling you to tether your Blackberry with your computer. In other words, it means that your computer will be able to connect to the Internet through your Blackberry device.

While testing this piece of software, I was amazed by its simplicity: after that you install this utility, the connection with your Blackberry will work with all your programs, without any extra configuration. In fact, PdaNet was meant to be so easy that it does not even have an interface, but only a tray icon. You might dislike this, because a window would hold much more information than this tray icon.

However, PdaNet for Blackberry does not work with every data plan. During my tests, it did not work with one of the carriers that I tried. I sent an email to the customer support, but they never replied to me.

To put it in a nutshell, PdaNet for Blackberry is an easy-to-use tool that is significantly cheaper than its alternatives. Nevertheless, it does not work well with every data plan, that is why I strongly recommend you to test the trial version so that you can figure out whether it works or not before buying it.

John Static
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Review summary


  • Cheap
  • Easy-to-use
  • Works seamlessly with all programs
  • Shares Internet connection in one click


  • No interface, only a tray icon
  • Issues with some data plans
  • Customer support does not help to fix issues
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